A Complete Guide To Your Daily Porridge

US version: Simply replace ‘porridge’ with ‘oatmeal’ and you’re good to go.   Hello there MDRC (My Dear Reader Chum), how is life going? Treating you well? Hope so! If you already spy an uplifted mood in between the lines, then link it with the topic and you’ve learned something new about me. But anyway, let’s not talk about me. Let’s talk serious. Let’s talk … Continue reading A Complete Guide To Your Daily Porridge

LinkedOut #1

Ever since I began pondering the blogging question I knew for sure that if I was ever to start a blog, it would definitely include a ‘random inspiration’ section. I’d love to share with you, whoever you are, a selection of music/articles/apps/TED-talks/… I (recently) came across and liked┬ábecause there ain’t no point in keeping the good stuff hidden. So here comes the night time my … Continue reading LinkedOut #1

Blog post #1

My dear reader chum, you’re just about to start reading my blog post numero_uno. Stressful, right?! For me definitely. Writing, not reading, that is. Anyways. This pilot post is actually an excerpt from my journal (ugh, this personal this early? #whereismymind) which I wrote a week ago as I got back from KPM, a conference for Christian youth leaders. This was my 6th time, and … Continue reading Blog post #1