great (hostel) expectations

Other people’s hostel expectations: clean quiet safe free wifi My hostel expectations: bathrooms within 10 seconds walk from the room so you don’t have to face anyone first thing at 10 am in whatever old tshirt you fell asleep in café onsite that’ll make a large soy cappuccino for anywhere under 7 dollars a washing machine designed to wash blacks and whites together bunk beds … Continue reading great (hostel) expectations

An almost-comprehensive guide to Matcha in Oxford

Two things are undoubtedly great by themselves: Matcha and Oxford. Matcha – the Japanese green tea which usually comes in powdered form and contains many health benefits, has skyrocketed in popularity all over the world. Matcha lattés, ice-creams, cheesecakes, donuts and even Martinis, have recently filled our favourite coffee shop counters and pantries, and many rigorous coffee drinkers have converted to greener, healthier alternatives. And … Continue reading An almost-comprehensive guide to Matcha in Oxford

LinkedOut #1

Ever since I began pondering the blogging question I knew for sure that if I was ever to start a blog, it would definitely include a ‘random inspiration’ section. I’d love to share with you, whoever you are, a selection of music/articles/apps/TED-talks/… I (recently) came across and liked because there ain’t no point in keeping the good stuff hidden. So here comes the night time my … Continue reading LinkedOut #1

Blog post #1

My dear reader chum, you’re just about to start reading my blog post numero_uno. Stressful, right?! For me definitely. Writing, not reading, that is. Anyways. This pilot post is actually an excerpt from my journal (ugh, this personal this early? #whereismymind) which I wrote a week ago as I got back from KPM, a conference for Christian youth leaders. This was my 6th time, and … Continue reading Blog post #1