the byron bay checklist

This article originally appeared on Vice Australia my Instagram


Guys I’m in 🌊Byron🌊! Yall know what that means… Checklist of things to do:

✔️finally learn to inhale

✔️get a dreadlock

✔️use an old Kombucha bottle for water

✔️learn a bit of Hebrew

✔️say I’m “pretty much vegan”, then order seafood pizza when nobody’s around

✔️attend a Didgeridoo-making workshop

✔️sip on Maté tea in the evenings, debating the concept of “chill”

✔️no shoes

✔️tell everyone about that one time I went hitchhiking back in 2005 (don’t mention it was with parents and out of sheer necessity)

✔️post exactly this picture

✔️o wait I don’t own a phone

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