What The Dog Saw

Minus the dog plus my camera.

Just one look at the clock tells me it’s high time for another musical and visual sharing!

Eins: Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Multi-Love (2015)

Last summer while I was in America, the no. 1 conversation starter I used with strangers was music. The majority of dialogues would look like ‘Hi, what’s your name? And your favourite band? NO WAY, I find Alt-J great as well! But do you also love Arcade Fire???’

I was lucky to meet people who introduced me to several great bands and singers – among other things – but one band I hadn’t discovered during that summer was Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

One friend kept mentioning them to me all the time and kept asking whether I’ve finally played their albums. ‘Umm yesss…’, ‘Tomorrow I will…’ and ‘Almost…’ was what I replied for 3 months and the first time I’ve played them was probably December.

Better latte than never, I told myself while sipping from a gigantic mug full of coffee milk, and immediately regretted my procrastination.

Therefore, my dear readers, I don’t want you to make the same mistake. If you’re into psychedelic rock (whoops, are you?! Hopefully), here’s Unknown Mortal Orchestra‘s latest and best-reviewed album called Multi-Love. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByYvTra8zWw&list=PLAnADJJTXDSq45D-a4pv_65CwIEErpXsf


I’ve developed photos from my old and unpredictable camera and few of them turned out well, should you wish to see them:



We made cauliflower pizza and it tasted like the real thing!




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