Let It Happen



These past few days have been such a lesson for me that I need to share!

If you know me, then you probably know I’m quite an open person. Somehow I don’t mind talking about the things I struggle with – even with strangers. Now I’m not saying this to boast or anything because I don’t think it’s necessary a good quality (actually I have some bad stories to tell as well!).

But. What I’ve learnt is that people are like mirrors in the ways they respond to your approach. You know it, you say „Hey, that’s a pretty skirt!“ and the next thing you hear is „Thanks, I love your jacket!“ At least for most of the time.

And this principle, thankfully, works in the ‘deeper’ spheres as well.

You’ll never know whether others aren’t going through the same battles until you speak about yours out loud. It’s hard, sure, but it brings healing OH so often.

As I’ve said, I do talk about my ‘issues’, but only selected ones. Usually, the ones that I’ve more-or-less managed to cope with, or the ‘very common ones’. Once someone mocked or laughed at something I revealed, I knew that that’s it and I’m done talkin’ to ya.

But in these past days, I decided to be open about some hardest struggles, and I don’t even know how this happened, but people responded in such a way I was astonished. Suddenly I was not the only one in the world fighting with doubt, fear or instability! There were, actually, loads of us! And though we didn’t instantly cure each other’s ‘illnesses’, I believe that just talking about them brought some healing.

Scientists know that one of the best ways to help someone going through hard times is simply being present, listening and trying to understand (great short video by Brené Brown on empathy). Brené Brown is also probably the most famous vulnerability expert, and her TEDx talk ‘The Power of Vulnerability’, with over 6 million views (the 4th most viewed TED talk), brought this issue to a much greater light.

So my today’s CTA (call to action) for us all is: Let it happen! Talk more about the real things going on inside you (if there are, obviously. Don’t make them up just to look more empathetic).

Let’s fight for and not against each other. And eventually experience…

Blurred out of the bus, but the meaning is clear

Bottom line: Let It Happen by Tame Impala

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