Blog post #1

My dear reader chum, you’re just about to start reading my blog post numero_uno. Stressful, right?! For me definitely. Writing, not reading, that is. Anyways.

This pilot post is actually an excerpt from my journal (ugh, this personal this early? #whereismymind) which I wrote a week ago as I got back from KPM, a conference for Christian youth leaders. This was my 6th time, and even though KPM are probably my favourite days of the year, I was not overly excited about this years’ one. Why, well simply because I didn’t feel like listening, talking, singing or praying to God a lot at all.

Deny, a millimetre of me, and 668 more people at the conference!

But, as everyone except for me would expect, things turned out rather differently than I thought they would. As a result of having conversations with friends who asked me hard questions, of speakers who were willing to openly talk about their hardships and close dependence on God the Father, and, mainly, thanks to Him, who never stopped pursuing me, even if I did…

I got back home and realized, once again, that:

A quote by C. S. Lewis, my fav

Good. Good… GOOD!!!

That is the only thing I need to know about the time spent with you, God.

With you my life is safe.

With you, life becomes the opposite of vegetating. It blossoms.

With you, there is not only a better tomorrow but a better today.

With you, there’s a purpose in our 76.3 years on planet Earth.

With you, there are lots of positive emotions to be felt – such as authentic joy, real hope, the greatest love of all etc.

With you there’s a potential.

With you it’s not only you but also your huge family, community, church, call it what you want.

With you being the first and most important, all the small ‘earthly’ pleasures happen to be at the right place – spending the whole day reading Vogue and listening to Ezra Furman, fitness-foodie obsessions, binge watching all movies by Woody Allen…

I keep re-learning this the hard way


I love how the Psalm 16 begins and ends.

I say to God, “Be my Lord!”
    Without you, nothing makes sense.

Ever since you took my hand,
    I’m on the right way.” Psalm 16: 2, 11

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